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First day of my senior year & first day of @jordanlenz’s freshman year of high school. I still remember walking Jordan to her first day of kindergarten and telling the teacher exactly what she wanted for lunch, because I was afraid she’d be too nervous to do if herself. I couldn’t do that for her this time around unfortunately, but I am so proud of the young woman she is and I’m so excited for our last year together. ❤️ (at Park Hill South High School)

Happy happy birthday to one of my best friends for 7 years, @s_carney. All of our hilarious memories mean so much to me. You deserve the world. Love you! #18 #YouAreAnAdult #HowSeriously (at The Cheesecake Factory)

Saying goodbye to one of my close friends leaving for college happened for the first time today.. Not sure how I’m going to send the rest of them off too.. So glad to have @madpalms5 & I know Colorado will be the experience of a lifetime. Can’t wait to see you soon! 💛 (at JT)

you’re picture perfect blue, sunbathing on the moon


My feet hate me from dancing for 3 hrs last night, but can’t say I’ve ever been to a concert as good as Justin Timberlake. & Yes, the crazy fan scream in the background is me. #NotAshamed (at Sprint Center)

My ❤️ (at Mckade’s Grad Party )

California lifestyle.. Like nothin else (at Pasadena, California )

@madpalms5 had never rode a ferris wheel until last night guys.. She’s finally lived (at Platte County Fair Grounds)

Today @madpalms5 lived the ferris wheel, carnival ride, Missouri fair experience for the first time. Night ended with a funnel cake, a snow cone, & a feeling of accomplishment. 😋 (at Platte County Fair)